Private Equity Stock Review, Tuesday 4/14/2009.

Private Equity Stock Review, Tuesday 4/14/2009.

Chicago 39..43F Rain, again.
Los Angeles 48...64F Sunny, again. (190)

1. Private Equity Stock Review.
2. Private Equity Stock Review. Update.
3. Disclaimer.

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1. Private Equity Stock Review.

The Private Equity Stock Review website up is and running.

(Another free service...from the wonderful folks at Institutional Analyst

We'll eventually tag newsletters to all these various sites, but for now
-- they are a great way to keep up with industry related news.

As an example, you can find what Fortress Group (FIG), GLG Partners (GLG),
Och-Ziff Capital Management (OZM), Rodman & Renshaw (RODM) and The
Blackstone Group (BX) are all up to...and in under one minute. Also there
are interviews with hedge fund managers, from our friends at "HedgeWeek"
and a news feed from "Hedge Fund Reviews."

In reality, we built these sites for our own use. As an example, if we
want to quickly see what going on with those companies -- we go to the
site -- and even with our A.D.D, we can get in and out in under ten
minutes. If we were to check the quotes/news on each one of those stocks,
we would (not could) easily go off onto a one hour clicking tangent.

Ditto for:

Internet Stocks (at least the 20 we follow)
Biotech stocks:
Entertainment stocks:
Gold stocks: and
VOIP stocks:

Reverse Mergers: and

And of course our eventually to be famous, Special Situation Research:
(By the way we're now 5 for 5 with Misonix (MSON) up from $1.15)

And even the wild and wholly world of shortselling ! : (a truly great site)

(Bookmark those and see for yourself. You can get in and out of five
industries in 20 minutes.)

Also they are built on a "networking" platform. While were not networkers
ourselves, beyond the friendly confines of Wrigley Field and the
surrounding bars and taverns -- if you sign up as a member, you can post
your own blog -- if you feel you have something newsworthy that you just
can't keep it to yourself any longer...

Back to the Private Equity...

A friend of our who runs a massively successful (but private) hedge fund,
gave us a mailing list (it wasn't spamish, really) of few thousand hedge
funds people and we got back 843 requests to subscribe. We haven't got
that many in under a week -- since 1999 !

So it must be a good site/service.

Sadly, we didn't (don't) have an email server to collect all the names --
so we (someone) is going to have to manually enter these ! If you want to
subscribe, send an email to


2. Private Equity Stock Review. Update.

Things are going so-so. But we are mostly interested in this for the long,
long haul.

Och-Ziff (OZM) $7.15 up 14.5%
Fortress (FIG) $2.51 up 11.5%
Blackstone (BX) $8.37 up 8%
GLG Partners (GLG) up 2%
Rodman & Renshaw (RODM) down 44%.

Not sure if this chart will work.

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