Internet Stock Review, Friday 6/12/2009.

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1. Internet Stock Review up, 107%
2. Private Equity Stock Review, 32%
3. IA's Special Situation Research, up 58%
4. Disclaimer.

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Mid Year Update.

We're back in our New York office in sunny Port Jefferson on the Island.
We're getting to like this neck of the woods. It's got everything we like.
Plenty of bars, plenty of people who love speculative stocks, plenty of
bars, nice mansions on tree lined streets and plenty of bars.

We are adding the final touches to and filming the final segment of a TV
show the "Wide World of Stocks."

We have four Watch Lists we are currently maintaining. The Internet Stock
Review, The Private Equity Stock Review, IA's Special Situations Research
and the Biotech Stock Review. We've been a bit sloppy at keeping records
with the Biotech companies, which probably has about 6 names. We'll update
that list and add more names this weekend.


Internet Stock Review.

Half of our stocks have outperformed the market (the NASDAQ 100), two
losers and six companies with gains over 100% and an overall average gain
of 107%. So not bad, especially considering our over-emphasis on companies
which we considered to be rock solid -- bordering on conservative, as the
list was compiled in December when the world as we knew it, was looking
like it was about the end.

The two big shockers, were Yahoo (YHOO) up 28% which actually
underperformed the market (up 31%), IAC (IACI) up 17% and RealNetworks
(RNWK) down 11%. And of particular disappointment of course, was i2
Telecom (ITUI) our only client on the list, which was unchanged -- after
being up as much a little more than 100% earlier in the year.


Top 5 up 122%

Limelight Networks (LLNW) $5.64 up 150%
ValueClick (VLCK) $12.17 up 122%
Blue Nile (NILE) $44.42 up 115%
Expedia (EXPE) $16.83 up 114%
ModusLink (MLNK) $6.57 up 109%

5 -10 up 68%

Akamai (AKAM) $22.86 up 103%
Equinix (EQIX) $71.60 up 73%
NetApp (NTAP) $20.14 up 64%
Juniper Networks $23.87 up 56%
eBay (EBAY) up 44%

10-15 up 24%

Conexant (CNXT) $1.34 up 36%
Yahoo (YHOO) $16.40 up 28%
Earthlink (ELNK) $7.77 up 26%
IAC (IACI) $16.41 up 17%
SINA Corp (SINA) $30.15 Up 17%

15-20 up 1%

Google (GOOG) $424 up 16%
Stamps.com (STMP) up $9.06 up 9%
*i2Telecom (ITUI) $0.05 unchanged
1800 Flowers (FLWS) down 9%
RealNetworks (RNWK) down 11%


Private Equity Stock Review

Nobody up 100% (though Fortress was up there, when it traded as high as
$6.95). All around though, we couldn't be more pleased with the timing of
our launch. Every stock has outperformed the market with the exception of
MVC Capital (MVC) and Rodman & Renshaw (RODM) which we consider to be a
broker to the Private Equity guys. For its part, it's made a major
comeback in the past three weeks and looks like its desperately trying to
join the recovery party.

Despite the spiffy start, as a group, we don't think we've seen anything


Fortress Group (FIG) $4.05 up 80%
Blackstone Group (BX) $11.61 up 49%
Och-Ziff (OZM) $8.80 up 41%
GLG Partners (GLG) up 35%
MVC Capital (MVC) $8.34 up 4%
Rodman & Renshaw (RODM) down 12%


IA's Special Situation Research

Well we couldn't possibly happier here. Every stock up. We don't know why
we didn't start a go anywhere, do anything letter like this earlier. Of
course the market was down 5000 points near when we started, but who'll
remember that 5 years from now !

Since this is a rolling "add em, as we find em" list (or add em as Carl
finds em), there won't be an applicable benchmark to compare it to.


Inventure Group (SNAK) up 139%
Arotech (ARTX) $1.33 up 114%
Misonix (MSON) $2.13 up 85%
Vasco Data (VDSI) $7.85 up 68%
Abiomed (ABMD) $8.16 up 33%
*Tootie Pie (TOOT) $0.25 up 25%
LoopNet (LOOP) $8.17 up 17%
Voyager Learning (VLCY) $2.25 up 12%


Guess we should add to our ridiculously long disclaimer that: Past
performance is not indicative of future results. Past performance does not
guarantee or imply future success. And our favorite which is there is no
way were ever going to duplicate the results again ! There is a genuine
risk that someone may look at the above list and think, "wow, these guys
are really good, I'm going to be all over the next stock they add to the
Watch List. We're here to tell you don't.Or at least don't think that way.
Every stock stands alone and has its own merits and risks and only you can
tell if it's appropriate for you to own or not, using your own analysis of
publicly available documents filed with the SEC. And finally the market
itself presents risks which may obliterate your investment, regardless of
the amount of time and effort you spend in your analytical efforts.

*Client companies.

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