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1. IA: Fortress Group (FIG) $7.85.
2. Your Opportunity.
3. Send a Tootie Pie to Barron's.
4. Disclaimer.

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IA: Fortress Group (FIG) $7.85 Transcript.


Come on say it. Who's better than us. We know many subscribers have trouble giving us kudo's (even if our ideas are used) because we are paid to play -- but really -- who's better than us (at least in a bull market).

That's right...nooo one.

Fortress Chart:

No one was on Fortress (FIG) in January at $2.55. All we saw was downgrade, downgrade, downgrade, downgrade. The one upgrade was from Citigroup, which went from a sell to a hold. And just how do we hold something, which we've already sold ? Inquiring minds want to know.

It's now up 195% (thanks to Barron's) since we added it to the Watch List and will probably be our first 200% gainer this year, though Misonix (MSON) at $2.82 is showing remarkable strength. It looks like "Mind That Bird."

Fortress Upgrades/Downgrades:

Is Misonix Next ?

Special Situation Research

Misonix Chart:
Misonix Upgrades/Downgrades:

Fortress Conference call.

A great service from Seeking Alpha, is creating transcripts from conference calls. We love conference calls, but we just don't have patience (or attention span) to listen to them. So Seeking Alpha has taken the effort to transcribe these conference calls -- something many companies themselves neglect to do, because it's too much effort. Someone has to listen to the call and transcribe everything which is said and then retype it so it's legible and then post it up on the Internet. Who has time ?

The end result is a transcript which can be visually scanned and read in under 3 minutes, which might take 20 minutes to listen to. Meaning we wont listen, no matter what our position or interest. Another benefit of transcripts is that you can print them out and highlight things with a yellow marker !

Like we highlighted this:

"The funds' durations are four to six or seven years out, and it’s basically rising to a level of greater than remote. So it's a small probability, but we have taken the reserve that it is greater than remote..."

"Less than remote," we love that.

You can find a link to the transcript under our Blog here: http://privateequitystockreview.ning.com/


2. Your Opportunity.

Your opportunity here (as we see it) as a less than mammoth institutional investor, is the ability to play some of the other Private Equity funds as "in sympathy" plays.

Watch List.

As an example, if an institutional investor wanted to take a smallish $20 million position in GLG Partners (GLG), they would have to buy 6 million shares, to which we say good luck.

You'll often hear in the press that the "Large Institutional investors have an unfair advantage." Well in this case, (assuming everything goes right) "..small individual investors have an unfair advantage." They really do.


3. Send a Tootie Pie to Barron's.

We never got a chance to read the Barron's article (until this morning), to which we give credit for setting Fortress into flight on April 23rd. But we do believe they lit the match and are owed gratitude -- so as we suggested yesterday -- they should be rewarded with cake. Let them eat cake we say !

The World's finest pies can be found here:

They ship direct and you can probably get the author a Pie for Mother's Day, if you hurry. It'll make you feel good and it's good Karma. If you bough ten thousand shares of FIG at $2.50, do we need to remind you that you're up $50,000 as of today.

The author is Tiernan Ray. You might want to email or call first, because if he gets 10 pies....


Wow. there's even a video there of him chatting up the stock.


Not sure of his physical address, since we don't think many reporters "go to the office" like they did in the old days.http://seekingalpha.com/author/ti

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